Trying to Get Fit? You’ve Got Plenty Of Options In Aberdeen

We started CrossFit Erosion with one goal in mind: To share the gift of fitness and health with the rest of our community, and somehow try to make a living doing so. This is a vision that we share with many, many other people in our small community here in Aberdeen.

While we believe that we are uniquely suited to help people find their way to fitness, we also understand that people all have different goals, needs, and schedules; and our hope is that through our presence we are able to increase the overall health of the Aberdeen area. If we can get a mother, a father, or a grandparent on the path towards wellness we believe that they will spread that gift throughout their entire family. We hope this effect will create waves that will positively impact families for generations to come as people change their trajectory and learn to live long and healthy lives.

Again, we believe we can help anyone who walks into our doors to find this gift. But fortunately for the Aberdeen community, we aren’t the only ones. For such a small town, we have a wealth of options for getting fit, and one of them is bound to be the one that works for YOU. None of us in the fitness industry in our area are trying to get rich. That’s just not the nature of the business. What we are trying to do is fill in all the gaps so that nobody falls through the cracks.

So if CrossFit Erosion isn’t the place for you, that’s okay so long as you find the place that helps you get to where you want to be. Aberdeen has a handful of 24-hour fitness facilities for those of you with tricky schedules, including Snap Fitness and our neighbors downtown at Anytime Fitness. Just up the road from us is TM Fitness, which offers 24 hour access as well, in addition to the expertise of Tony Arampatzis who has been in the fitness industry for almost 30 years. For those interested in the relentless pursuit of strength, there’s Massenomics Gym, a semi-private powerlifting/strongman club in a mostly-secret location in town. If getting big and strong is your goal, that’s the place to be.

Aberdeen has some fitness options outside of the traditional gym setting, such as Aerial Arts by Avery, which offers pole fitness and other fun fitness instructional classes. We also have Next Generation Performance Center at the Aberdeen Mall, offering youth gymnastics classes which is an EXTREMELY valuable skill set for children to take with them throughout their lives. Many of our athletes desperately wish they had taken gymnastics when they children, because the carryover to almost any physical activity is tremendous.

While we offer 1-on-1 personal training at CrossFit Erosion, we aren’t the only place in town that does. All of the 24-hour gyms in town offer personal training, and Aberdeen is also fortunate enough to have some personal training specialists like Tanner at Tempo Training, and Teresa at Fortem 4 Life. Teresa specializes in helping women become strong, mentally and physically, the right way and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training both during and post-pregnancy.

Our local YMCA has an extremely robust fitness offering, including a swimming pool, a full fitness center, group fitness classes such as Body Combat, Body Pump, Water Fitness, Cycling, Zumba (with one of the best Zumba instructors around), as well as a CrossFit program of their own in a building across the street, CrossFit Rails. As a matter of fact, Rails is where I began my fitness journey and the fact that the YMCA brought the program to our community is something I’ll be forever grateful for. The Y also has a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Emily Newton who offers an extremely valuable service by giving not only nutrition plans and meal prep tips, but a wealth of information to help you to make informed decisions when shopping for groceries. I always had a hard time sorting through all the misinformation online in regards to nutrition, and Emily did a great job steering me towards a sustainable and healthy nutrition routine that fit my lifestyle and my goals. Her services are also extremely affordable, and she is the first person with whom we recommend our new clients meet.

Aberdeen has two incredible yoga studios with Profiling Beauty near downtown, and The Oil Room on 6th ave SE. Both of these businesses are run by people who have an intense passion for what they do, and it really shows. Plus, The Oil Room has the best raw juices on the planet. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. Seriously. Try them.

Speaking of nutrition, we’re also fortunate to be only a few buildings south of Karisma Boutique, who makes delicious post-workout protein and meal-replacement shakes, and sells The Oil Room’s juices as well. You can usually find a few CrossFit Erosion members at Karisma getting shakes, socializing, and shopping for new clothes after class is finished.

Across the street from us is The Brass Kettle, who not only has some unbelievably decadent menu items suitable for the best of cheat meals, but also has some really good clean eating options on their menu as well. Great service, great food, all made and served by great people.

And when it comes to eating right, our local family-owned grocery store, Kessler’s has one of the best produce and meat departments you’ll ever see. They also have the best selection of healthy food options in town. I learned a long time ago that if I can make good decisions at the grocery store, it makes it waaaaaay easier to make good decisions at meal-time.

So, what does all this mean?

If CrossFit Erosion isn’t the place for you, we only hope that you find somewhere that can help facilitate your journey towards health and wellness. And with all of these quality options in Aberdeen you’re bound to find something that is not only effective, but something that can be fully integrated into your schedule, your lifestyle, and your goals. Because everybody deserves an opportunity to find fitness. And Aberdeen has a wealth of opportunities to do so.


Tyler Stone

Co-Owner, Coach at CrossFit Erosion


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